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Information for the Swedish and Dutch Children and Parents. Information för svenska studenter och för föräldrar. Informatie aan ons Nederlandse leerlingen en Ouders.

Bellschedule (Ljudsignal, Hoorbare bel):

1.lesson (lektion, uur) 8.00 - 8.45 10 minutes break (pausa, pauze)
2.lesson (lektion, uur) 8.55 - 9.40 15 minutes break (pausa)
3.lesson (lektion, uur) 9.55 - 10.40 15 minutes break (morning snack, deras luncher, midda eten)
4.lesson (lektion, uur) 10.55 - 11.40 10 minutes break (pausa, pauze)
5.lesson (lektion, uur) 11.50 - 12.35 5 minutes break (pausa, pauze)
6.lesson (lektion, uur) 12.40 - 13.25 (pausa, pauze)

Lessons last 45 minutes.

Halloween 2012

We will have a Halloween party on 26th October /Friday/ firstly in the assembly hall after that in the classrooms from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

You can present and you can see plays, poems, songs connected to Halloween.

You can dance, play and have some fun together.

You need Halloween masks, costumes, hats, be witch, skeleton, vampire, ghost, mummy and bat-what you want!


Multicultural Summer Camp Again!

Sunshine, the wilderness and exciting programmes were waiting for the 33 junior and senior students who participated in our school's multicultural summer camp at the end of August. It was the fourth time the camp was organized and the „Árnyaserdő" guesthouse was a gracious host to the event once again. 

As soon as we arrived, the campers started to search for some treasures that were hidden under the bushes, on the branches of the trees, and throughout the campsite. The lucky treasure hunters could keep the little gifts that they had found. While the younger students continued the programme with handicraft activities, the senior students were fighting number wars.

Merry marching on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is in connection with a saint, however, it is one of the funniest feasts. This merry-making characterized the marching of the Bilingual Section on St. Patrick's Day. Children dressed in green jackets and hats and gathered together in the school garden with a green shamrock in their hands. The green shamrock is the symbol of this feast. The Pápa Brass Band started to play a rythmical tune with the help of conductor Adrián Horváth.

Multicultural Exhibition at Pannon University

The Tanul-O Art Gallery of Pannon University gives the possibility of organizing exhibitions to the educational institutions of the county. The mastermind of this successful exhibition series looking back for several years is Dr Zoltán Poór, associate professor. The creative community of the Bilingual Section of Tarczy Lajos Primary School introduced itself for his kind invitation.

National success at the English Language and Civilization competition

Bilingual Section

The Zalamat Maths Talents Foundation announced the results of the English, German, French Language and Civilization competitions on 25th February. The organizers had invited the first five winners of the seven categories of the three languages, furthermore the teachers of the first three winners to the illustrious event. From our school Matthew Dokter 5.e, Barnabás Beller 6.e and teacher Tünde Hardi were also invited.

Open Week at Tarczy Lajos Primary School (05 March - 09 March 2012)

Open Week at Tarczy Lajos Primary School
05 March - 09 March 2012

We kindly ask the parents to inform us in the student's message book if they would like to visit any of the lessons below, no later than 1st March.

Carnival at Tarczy

Strange creatures appeared in building B of our school on 16th February: witches, wizards, Sponge Bob, princesses, pirates, Supermen, Greek warriors and such strange beings. The children sat down impatiently in the gym and were waiting to find out who would win the competition of the costume show.

First girls and boys dressed in costumes got acquainted with the carnival traditions with the help of the 4th graders.

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