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St.Patrick's Day - leprechauns, shamrocks and hats

The famous Irish „St.Patrick's Day celebration" was recently held in our school for the fourth time. This year it took place on 19th March instead of 17th March because of other programmes of the school. The programme started with the children making i.e. shamrock necklaces, shamrock shaped glasses ,green hats, rainbows, leprechauns and other things in the spirit of the holiday. The shamrock symbolizes the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit).
On this afternoon everybody was wearing green-coloured clothes because green is the national colour of Ireland and also one of the signs of spring.

Carnival for the Bilingual Classes

This school year, children of the junior section wore costumes from tales and cartoons at the fancy dress party. We saw many beautiful and scary, funny and cute costumes as the students marched into the big hall, where the jury had to make a difficult choice amongst the wonderful costumes. The most inventive costume was the Statue of Liberty; the best homemade costume was Beautiful Helen, while Domi DJ was awarded the funniest costume. The performances of the classes guaranteed a hilarious afternoon party, with princesses, rabbits, mushrooms, two Lottis, and even Spongebob Squarepants. The fancy dress party continued with music and dancing in the hall, and funny contests, spaghetti-dance, get-your-chair game and other interesting programs for the children in the classrooms.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

The Hungarian-English bilingual section has always put great emphasis on commemorating not only the Hungarian national holidays, but also the celebrations of the many countries represented in our school. Introducing the traditions of the English-speaking countries is a particularly integral part of our mission as a bilingual school.
On 21 November we celebrated Thanksgiving. Performances organized by the English language teachers and performed by the senior grade bilingual students, were met with great reception from the audience.

Jó tanuló, jó sportoló díjban részesültek iskolánk tanulói

The fourth „Christmas Cookie Party”

Our school organized a „Christmas Cookie Party" on December 18, 2012.
It was the fourth time that we could organize this event.
First of all we would like to express our thanks to the parents who helped us with their delicious home made cookies for making the afternoon unforgottable .
We could taste some Swedish ginger cake, some Hungarian holiday specialities, including the 'coconut snail', 'Pozsonyi croissant', 'Bishop's bread', chessboard cookies, poppy-seed and walnut roll but also some delicious Turkish spicy croissant and some American biscuits as well.
The recipe of each cake and cookie was provided and could be exchanged as part of the programme so everybody can recreate their favourite flavours at home.

English pronounciation competition in Budapest

On 6th December, the day of Santa Claus I went to Budapest to Kapocs Primary School and took part in an English pronounciation competition. The participants arrived from 24 schools from different parts of Hungary, 46 junior graders and 33 senior graders.
The competition started at 2 pm. and first we chose a number. I picked number 31 and told an excerpt from Winnie the Pooh, when Pooh and Piglet go hunting and almost catch a woosle.
The competition ended at 6 p.m. After the announcement of results a lot of competitiors were very satisfied with the result. I received a bronze award which made me very happy!
We arrived home after 9 p.m. It was good to be at home after a long but exciting day!

Cseh Katrin 6a

Christmas Concert in the Hall of Tarczy Lajos Primary School

The successful Christmas Concert was held in the Hall of Tarczy Lajos Primary School at 17.00 on 21st December 2012.


1. Ady Endre: Arriving of the Lord
Cserneczky Attila

2. Salve Regina

Country English Language Poetry and Prose Recital

The Kapocs Primary and Hungarian-English Bilingual School and the Association of Bilingual Schools organized the  2012/2013 school year Country English Language Poetry and Prose Recital.

70 students from the most successful primary and secondary schools in the country applied for the competition. The English language teachers, as well as the native speaking instructors of the bilingual section, gave their time and full support to the select students able to recite  2-3 minutes of a poem or prose on the stage of such a prestigious national competition.

Halloween 2012

Halloween, one of the world's oldest holidays, is still celebrated today in several countries around the globe. Many of today's Halloween customs can be traced back to Celtic times. Halloween culture's roots lay in the Celtic culture in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe.
The word itself, "Halloween," actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. November 1, "All Hollows Day" (or "All Saint's Day"), is a Catholic day of observance in honour of saints.

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