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Feel at home at Tarczy! I wish you a lot of happiness and success! We are making an effort to teach you how you can find your way in the world and make it a better place

Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues, I would like to give a warm welcome to everybody on the last day of the summer holiday. A special welcome for colonel Keith Boone, the new commander of the Heavy Airlift Wing, his wife Mrs Leslie Boone, Szalainé Tihanyi Andrea the President of the Parents' Association, Gabriella Gavrila Mediator of the Multinational Schoolboard. Anne Vedin the Swedish, Cecilia Magnusson the Norwegian and Paola Dikmanst the Dutch representatives of the foreign parents. Summer has flown by quickly. I hope everyone spent the holidays usefully: camping, going on holiday, among friends or reading the school books of the more difficult subjects for the last few weeks. We are looking into the future with optimism. I would also like to greet our new students, the first graders among them. Enjoy yourselves! Feel at home at Tarczy! I wish you a lot of happiness and success! We are making an effort to teach you how you can find your way in the world and make it a better place. We are going to start the new school-year with new students and teachers as well. Let me introduce them: Szarvas Lászlóné Marika teacher in the lower grades at the Bilingual Section. Marielle Emond, Daniel Tirell, Tracey Adams and Lindsay Jackson have arrived from the United States. This school-year Gunnel Fors from Sweden, Viktor Ronneberg and Torhild Skotheim from Norway and Anneke Berg and Ron Laven from the Netherlands will teach at our school again. Molnár-Horváth Anett, our school secretary isn't going to start the school-year with us, we wish her lots of success at her new workplace. We are starting the new school-year in clean and whitewashed classrooms. Let's try to maintain the school equipments in good order and the cleanliness of the school! At 18 Jókai Street we are going to have two 1st grades, at the bilingual section one 1st grade. Teacher in the 1st grades are as follows: 1.a: Hortobágyiné Bors Judit – Süle Judit 1.c: Gicziné Horváth Katalin – Szalainé Kálovics Erzsébet 1.e : Kiss Zsanett and Horváth Dóra There will be 3 teachers in grade 2.f since Kissné Vadicsku Patrícia is expecting a baby and will be substituted by Szarvas Lászlóné Marika. 3.a: Kissné Bolla Judit – Turi Ilona 3.c: Vargáné Mészáros Ágnes – Pozsgai Józsefné The form teachers in the 5th grades are as follows: 5.a: Ferencziné Simon Ágnes 5.b: Gyenge Ferenc – Saár Györgyi 5.c: Tóthné Bogdán Zita 5.e: Hardi Tünde és Mógor Adrienn The form teacher of class 7.e will be Dr. Martonné Klimó Irén and Dr. Bánhidiné Csapó Ágnes. The other form teachers will be the same. Not only have some of the grades new form teacher, in several cases the classrooms were changed as well. After the school opening ceremony, please, follow your form teachers and go into your classrooms. And some practical pieces of information: The handing out of the school books went well. I would like to thank my colleagues for their work and the parents' patience. Lots of the books belong to the school library this is why I would like to ask the children to take care of their books because at the end of the school year they must be handed in. They belong to the school, if they get lost or can't be used againg the parents must pay for them. Please, take extra care of your school books and cover them effectively. Unfortunately, the state subsidy is only a fraction of the sum that the school books cost. So the school must pay for the other books. This is why these book will belong to the school library. The total amount of payment for meals is 291 Ft per meal. I would like to ask the parents and students to indicate it to the form teachers if they want to have lunch from tomorrow. At the end of the school-year opening ceremony I would like to thank the organizers, Bakóné Kiss Katalin and Lombossy Anikó and the performers for their nice performance. I wish all the 639 students a successful school year and this way I open the 2011/2012 school year!