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An interview with Katinka Hosszú (Digitális témahét)

A 4.c osztályos kéttannyelvűs gyerekek a hazai élsportolókról készítettek kiselőadást, előbb magyarul információkat gyűjtöttek, felolvasták társaik előtt, majd csoportmunkában PowerPoint-ban is bemutatták. Az interjú elkészítését ötletelés előzte meg, majd szintén csoportmunkában leírták a kérdéseiket, a felkutatott válaszokat. Utolsó órán ezeket nyelvtanilag ellenőriztük, javítottuk.

An interview with Katinka Hosszú
- Where and when were you born?
- I was born in Pécs, the third of May, 1989.
- Have you got a sister or a brother?
- I have two brothers, Gergő and Ádám.
- What's your favourite meal?
- The steak! And my mum's chicken soup, roasted meat with mashed potato , mushroom sauce and salad. My dad can cook very delicious fish soup, I love it.
- What do you like doing in your free time?
- I love reading very much.
- Have you got a favourite toy from your childhood?
- Oh, yes, it is a soft toy, a sheep. It is in my bag, when I am travelling 
- What was your favourite style when you were a teenager?
- I loved my jeans , T-shirts and my favourite Puma sport shoes.
- Do you like listening to music?
- Yes, I do, I like Rap music.
- What is your nickname?
- Iron lady.
- Were you a small child when you first had your swimming lessons?
- Yes, I was three years old.
- Do you practise every day? What time do you get up?
- I practise two times a day, and I get up at half past four.
- Who is your coach?
- My father, László Bakos.
- You were in Rio in 2016. How many medals did you win?
- Three gold medals and one silver. I was very happy and proud!
- Thank you for the interview.